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About FHA Loans

What Are FHA Loans? FHA mortgages are home loans that are insured by the Federal Government. This insurance protects the lender from losses suffered if the home goes into foreclosure. It is not the same…
Cardinal Hawaii
December 5, 2016
Home loans in HawaiiLoan Programs

About USDA Home Loans

Populations tend to swell in urban areas, where housing options and job opportunities are generally more readily available, and pay rates are considerably higher than in more sparsely populated rural regions. Of course, not every…
Cardinal Hawaii
May 7, 2016
Hawaii Home RefinancingRefinance

Cash Out Refinancing

With home values increasing and interest rates remaining low, some homeowners are choosing to generate cash from their equity. This can make a great deal of sense if you're looking to start a business, consolidate…
Cardinal Hawaii
March 29, 2016

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