Conventional Home Loans

Endless opportunities to meet all your home loan needs.

Our conventional home loans, also referred to as conforming home loans, is our most popular loan option. About 60% of all mortgages are conventional mortgages and here at Cardinal Hawaii, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer specialized conventional loan options that keep rates low and get you into your Hawaii dream house quickly.

Some benefits of our conventional loan program:

  • Mortgage Plan Flexibility
  • Streamlined Qualification Process
  • Low Down Payment Options With Great Rates
  • Educational Process With Learning Resources
  • Home Buying Flexibility

Why choose a Conventional Home Loan?

Mortgage Plan Flexibility

Our conventional loan program is designed to support your financial and home buying goals. We do this by using your borrower profile to put together the best possible lending options.

Simple Qualification Process

Our online qualification program full time staff of mortgage experts offer a quick, stress free qualification process. Our online application walks you step by step through the home loan application process and our loan officers are at the ready to answer any questions you might have.

Great Rates

Depending on the borrowers credit profile, our conventional loan options can provide extremely low rates accompanied by a low down payment that won’t break the bank.

Educational Process

Cardinal Hawaii has a fully integrated educational approach when it comes to mortgage lending. Our goal is to make sure that our lenders have 100% confidence when joining the Cardinal Hawaii family.

Home Buying Flexibility

While many types loans restrict the type of home you can purchase, our conventional loans can be applied to primary homes, second homes, vacation homes, rental properties, and more.

Getting Started

Here are some essential tools and documents to help you begin the process of purchasing a home:

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Come home to a place you can call your own.

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Come home to a place you can call your own.

Get your free rate quote today.